Personal Evolution

PEPS Coaching accompanies you as your life evolves - on the job or at home - to help you use your creativity to prepare the future Positively, with Energy, Passion and Success.

Coaching brings a new look at decisions, transitions and objectives that we all ponder as we reach certain crossroads of our lives - be it at the office or at home. By identifying the different avenues, looking at them from different perspectives, and asking powerful questions we will be able to grasp the opportunities that these transitions bring us to move ahead Positively, with Energy, Passion and Success.

Through a series of questions, reflection and actions, we will use your creativity to find the best way to get you where you want to be, today and in the near future.

I bring a real world experience in change management, mobility and professional and personal transitions. My multicultural background, Passion, Energy, Personal Skills and Creativity accompany you as your life or your job evolves.

Transition coaching

Personal and Professional coaching

Personal Evolution & Public Speaking Coaching

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I look forward to developing a dynamic and powerful conversation with you to accompany you as you go after your Personal Evolution or Public Speaking Objectives. 

I am based in the Paris region in France.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to drop me an email!

All the best,

Maura Murray

Personal Evolution & Public Speaking Coaching