My name is Maura Murray. I am leading Personal Evolution & Public Speaking Coaching, bringing real world experience in change management and public speaking to clients in business and at home – via their own creativity.

Bilingual French and English,    American, born in Ireland, I live and work in the Paris region in France,

I bring my clients my Personal and Professional multi-cultural Experience Permeated by a Spirit of Passion, Energy, Creativity and Success ....

"We can do it!"

My Experience in the Business World

    Director of Communications 
         Media Relations, Internal-Employee Communications, Event Organization and Advertising

    Speech Writing and Coaching for Executives

    Managing International Teams 

    Developing and Implementing Change Management Programs in Multicultural Environments

    Launched Web 2.0 for internal communications 

    Editor-in-Chief of Print and Web Publications.

    Managing and Teaching in the Language Training Department of a Large International Corporation

My Skills

Effective listening skills – Trained Coach - in business and at home

Certified Language Instructor with business world experience in Executive Communication

Vast experience of the business world, having worked for 30 years in a CAC 40 international corporation.

30 years of leveraging my creativity in the business world by creating and implementing creative communication and teaching programs.

Multicultural experience from having lived and worked in and with different cultures and Web 2.0 social networks.

In-depth understanding of effective and dynamic public speaking

Hands-on experience of international development and execution of communication strategies

Real life experience in transformation challenges in multi-cultural environments

Fully bilingual and bicultural English-French

A spirit of Passion, Energy, Professionalism and Success…”We can do it!”

My Education

  1.     Trained Coach with Coaches Training Institute – France. 2010-2011 (ICF accredited)

  1.     International Marketing in Telecommunications Masters Diploma, INSEAD, Paris 1996

  1.     Management Communication Skills (British Council), Paris 1986/87

  1.     “Language in Adult Education” Royal Society of Arts Masters program,  ESSIE, Paris   1982

  1.     “Bachelor of Arts Degree”, Modern Languages and Education, University of Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma

     (Phi Beta Kappa)  1977

The Coach

Personal Evolution & Public Speaking Coaching

Identifiant Siret: 524 757 317 00010

Adresse 3 rue Corneille, Val d'Albian 91400 SACLAY

Activite Principale Exercée 5APE° 8559A Formation Continue d'adultes

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